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Trends that need to Exit 2021

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Recently there have been a couple trends that have overstayed welcome within the fashion world. So far there are a few things that need to go in 2021. These trends that will discussed within this blog posts are mainly tacky and plainly do not look good now or will look good in the future. Trends are named trends for a reason some are built for the long run but some styles or pieces are built around hype.

Bullet Proof Vests/Plate Carriers

This trend probably has to be the worst trend that has popped up within the past year and a half. The main thing that sticks out with these vests are that they are too clunky and serve no functional purpose. These vests also serve another external issue, which is that some people whom have have bought these vests perceive these clothing items as functional plate carriers. These vests have no actual protection within these vests, the vest is only fabric and can not protect the user. Another huge reason why these vests should go out of style is that it almost resembles a baby bib on certain individuals and does not compliment all body sizes which is important when buying a clothing item.

Biker Jeans

These pair of pants are another huge piece of clothing that needs to go this year as soon as possible. These pants still exist and are sold within the retail world. This trend was popular and only looked good in 2016 and 2017 but when more retail stores started to provide them making them more available. These mass produced jeans caused the style of pants and denim to become more common and less eye-catching in 2017. In addition there were many different styles created from this particular denim style. Certain style like bleached, distressed and cropped version was the final pushing point that caused these pants to die but places like Pacsun or H&M still sell these pants due to how well they did in the past and also many people are still buying them, thinking that it looks good but in reality it is very tacky and goofy looking.

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