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Current Rising Fashion Genres in 2021

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Currently in the fashion world there has been a huge explosion of newer trends. Many of these trends are call backs to trends from the past and some are somewhat common to the fashion world. With the influence of the internet and apps, information to these new trends have become more available to the common person. Many of the current and younger generations are gaining knowledge of different genres and subgenres of fashion culture.


Normcore or normal core is a current rising trend and genre within the fashion world. The origins of this style was based off a joke or meme making fun of people like Steve Jobs and Jerry Seinfeld. The style or aesthetic of normcore combines elements of using generic pieces of clothing and styling these pieces into a high fashion look. Many inspirations come from fashion trends that were popular in the 90's and from how celebrities' dressed in that era. The most common way to branch into this genre is to first to do research. Look at 90's fashion trends or look up red carpet photos of celebrities' within that era. The most accessible way to obtain certain pieces is go down to your local goodwill or thrift store. For the people who have more money in the bank, one could go the high fashion route and pair pieces from Alexander Wang, Gosha Rubchinskiy, or Helmutlang.

The Y2K Genre

What is Y2K one may ask? The Y2K genre name comes from the Y2K millennium bug that that caused computers to glitch out when the year changed to 2000. The current generation is branding a new genre of fashion based on the late 90s and early 2000’s roughly to be estimated around 1995 to around 2003. Y2k fashion incorporated pieces and looks that were considered futuristic looking based off that era. For women the Y2K aesthetic involves bright colors; especially pink, small handbags, chunky shoes, baby shirts and velour tracksuits. For men the Y2K aesthetic involves some form of vintage sneakers, baggy washed jeans, loud graphic tees, and baggy shirts or jackets. Some inspiration to look for is to look at celebrities like Carmen Electra, Backstreet Boys, Brad Pitt, Jenifer Aniston, Destiny’s Child, Justin TimberLake, and Britney Spears.

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